track and field instruction video
track and field instruction video track and field instruction video track and field instruction video

The Track and Field Coaching & Skill Development Series

The Track and Field, 12 volume video series, is designed for coaches and athletes who are looking for basic yet essential information regarding skill development. Featuring the University of Oregon Men's Track and Field coaching staff, this series helps establish a solid fundamental base from which the athlete can build. Strong emphasis is given to the analysis and development of the athlete's potential through a variety of proven drills.

By establishing a better understanding of the fundamentals and technique, these videos will provide the information necessary for coaches and athletes to design training programs that improve performance.

Bill Dellinger is one of the winningest track coaches ever and a well respected authority on distance running. Dellinger coached athletes have earned 34 cross country All-American certificates and 49 athletes have produced 91 All-American performances outdoors.

John Gillespie contributes to the Oregon program not only as a coach, but also as an educator, administrator and counselor. Since coming to Oregon, Gillespie coached athletes have broken school records in the high jump and triple jump.

Stewart Togher is recognized as a leading authority on the throwing events, particularly the techniques of the hammer. Togher works regularly with many elite throwers, including Lance Deal, an American Record Holder in the Hammer.

George Walcott, a former Pac-10 Conference sprint champion, presents the Oregon Sprint Program and Master's Vaulter Dan West the Oregon Pole Vault Program.

Track & Field: Middle Distance/Distance

With Bill Dellinger. 45 min.
$29.95 K4426

Track & Field: Field Conditioning

With Stewart Togher. 80 min.
$29.95 K4427

Track & Field: Discus

With Stewart Togher. 30 min.
$29.95 K4428

Track & Field: Hammer

With Stewart Togher. 30 min.
$29.95 K4429

Track & Field: Javelin

With Stewart Togher. 28 min.
$29.95 K4430

Track & Field: Shot Put

With Stewart Togher. 41 min.
$29.95 K4431

Track & Field: Triple Jump

With John Gillespie. 41 min.
$29.95 K4432

Track & Field: Long Jump

With John Gillespie. 36 min.
$29.95 K4433

Track & Field: High Jump

With John Gillespie. 30 min.
$29.95 K4434

Track & Field: Hurdles

With John Gillespie. 35 min.
$29.95 K4435

Track & Field: Sprints

With George Walcott. 21 min.
$29.95 K4436

Track & Field: Pole Vault

With Dan West. 40 min.
$29.95 K4437

Learn track and field with a track and field instruction video.